Schneider Electric, a global energy and automation management expert, and HongYu Electric, which has 35 years of professional and mature technology in the power field, announced the establishment of the first Galaxy VX critical power customer service center in East Asia, which not only meets customers’ basic maintenance service needs In addition, it can quickly solve the problems encountered by end-users to achieve higher service standards.

Critical power support, energy-saving technologies, and energy storage systems are vital items in the energy management of high-tech factories. Schneider’s high-efficiency, modular three-phase UPS system Galaxy VX is combined with the intelligent Electric Distribution Switchgear of Horng Yu Electric to build the Galaxy VX key power service center, which will provide a reliable and reliable energy management system for semiconductor high-tech factories.

Taiwan has the world’s most complete semiconductor industry cluster, with strong demand for HPC (high-speed computing), global 5G mobile phone sales, and increased capital expenditure in response to the three major future developments of advanced manufacturing processes. Next, Schneider focused on the electrical machinery’s layout for the semiconductor industry and the high-tech plant’s zero-second continuous power demand for the power system, and particularly focused resources on the establishment of the first East Asia Galaxy VX key power service center in Taiwan.


HongYu Electric is very pleased to have the opportunity to cooperate with Schneider to establish the first Galaxy VX key power service center in East Asia. It will use the TAF-certified power laboratory of HongYu Electric to help Schneider UPS uninterruptible power. The related tests of the power system and output and input smart switchboard products will be combined with the latest online monitoring methods and AI cloud computing methods to achieve true life prediction and accident prevention, true cloud management to improve the stability of system power supply, and to sell Schneider products Strategic layout in Taiwan and even the global market, and provide all users with the most immediate after-sales service locally with professional technology

HongYu Electric Switchboard also adopts the latest international standard IEC 61439 / CNS 15783, which is also a new generation of safety standards jointly promoted by Schneider and Hongyu. It is committed to improving Taiwan’s integration with international standards. It will also help Taiwanese distributors to export to overseas markets and enhance international competitiveness. force. In addition, HongYu Electric’s smart switchboard can predict the risk of power failure through power monitoring, testing, and diagnosis of suspicious power failure warnings. The two parties hope to become the energy management strategic partners of Taiwan’s high-tech factories and work with customers to study to prevent downtime damage.


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