What's SPM

SPM helps upgrade traditional electrical cabinets to smarter standards. Allows remote online monitoring via computer (PC) or APP software on a smartphone. Provides you with the information needed to monitor important data about the safety of electrical cabinets such as: Temperature – humidity – insulation – power consumption … It allows investors and investors Operators continuously monitor the conditions of equipment in real-time, analyze performance, and provide real-time alerts.

How It Works

Through SPM you can collect electrical panel status data in real time and store this data and analyze it on the Cloud.

SPM is packaged in the form of a suitcase box using sensors and monitoring and diagnostics equipment to collect switchgear data, busbar temperature, switchboard operating status and convert them into The diagnostic information allows the user to assess usage status and plan accurate maintenance. SPM, after being integrated into the electrical panel system, can monitor the following parameters:

App & Web Service

iCloud - AI Technology based

Terminated Product

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Main Functions

Online monitoring of electrical cabinets via PC or APP software on handheld mobile devices to perform remote monitoring, instant alarm, data storage, energy saving, preventive protection, creating out of the latest intelligent IoT architecture.

The brain of SPM is the advanced iCloud AI application software that enables the implementation of diagnostic algorithms and provides instructions related to the status of the device, power, and electrical cabinet performance.
iCloud has a user-friendly interface, displaying data in the form of charts – graphically intuitive on a separate level.
SPM can be integrated in all traditional electrical cabinets to help make your system safer and smarter

Operation of mechanical parts

Status of closing, opening cabinets, number of operations, idle time. Operation status of protective relays.


Ambient temperature around cabinets and temperatures at the points of contact


Plan maintenance and replace parts if needed.


Assess the actual conditions of the device in real time. Check operation safety status

Installation SL Structure


Management User Interface

System Dashboard Overview – Switchgear operation health board

Substation and Switchgear management

Single line Diagram Board

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