Product Code: IS-24 IEC 62271-200

AC Metal Enclosed Switchgear and Controlling Device

IS-24 AC Metal Enclosed Switchgear and Controlling Device (IS-24) is applied to 3-phase rated voltage AC 12/24KV power system as power transmission and distribution which also features control, monitoring, and protection on circuit.

IS-24 is in conformity of standard IEC 62271-200 (about medium voltage switchgear and controlgear in rated voltage range from 1kV to 52kV ). And it has been fully tested by International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) and Taiwan Electric Research & Testing Center (TERTEC). IS-24 is equipped with comprehensive and reliable device to prevent false operation. IS-24 is the best choice for power supply which provides safer power usage environement.


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Product’s features.


Modularized design for each part of panels that the assembly failure decrease dramatically. Modularized design makes materials stockable thus helping raise efficiency on production and shorten delivery time.


2.0t high corrosion resistant galvanized zinc alloyed steel adopts two-layer folding and bending technique which strengthen the structure. It is fully certified with performance on arc, earthquake resistance, salt spray, and ground continuity.


Seperated compartments for primary apparatus such as CB compartment, Cable compartment,Busbar compartment, and Meter compartment. Certification of LSC2B-PM, featuring interlock for safety.


Galvanized zinc alloyed steel cabinet held together with rivets without painting and welding which greatly
reduces pollution to the environment. There is no need to reorganize and replace busbar and enclosure when replacing breaker, disconnecting switch, potential transformer components and so on.

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IS-24 Medium Voltagae Switchgear Specification Board


Standard Type Reference


Earthing Switch (ES)

Disconnecting Switch Trolley (DS)

PT Trolley

CB/DS/PT Maintenance Trolley


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