Product Code: IS-06 IEC 61439

Low-voltage Switchgear and Controlling Device

IS-06 Low-voltage Switchgear and Controlling Device (Below called drawer type) is applied to 3-phase power system in the maximum of rated voltage AC 690V and rated current 6300A function as power transmission and distribution which also features control, monitoring, and protection to circuit.

Drawer type is in conformity of standard IEC 61439. And it has been fully tested by International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) and Taiwan Electric Research & Testing Center (TERTEC). Withdrawable unit is equipped with comprehensive and reliable device to prevent false operation.

Drawer type is the best choice for power supply which provides safer power usage environement.

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  • Main circuit and secondary circuit 100% fully withdrawable type. Rapid replacement without power off. â–ªHand-held and crank handled pull in-out mechanism saves maintenance time.
  • Each drawer unit is interlocked and equipped with indication of “Disconnecting”, “Testing”, and “Connection” position.
  • Spring of main circuit plug is made of steel featuring high mechanical endurance.
  • Copper lamination type main circuit plug with seperated spring on each contact makes it better overcurrent endurance.
  • The secondary plug-in socket separates top and down connection terminals. Incoming and outgoing do not interfere each other with beautiful wiring arrangement.
  • Spare dashboard openings for different indicating instruments arrangement and inspection. â–ªPositioning function on drawers helps zero malfunction after drawn-out replacement.

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IS-06 Drawer Type Cabinet

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ACB Panel

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