“iPanel Cloud Management System” is the application that combines traditional switchgear with contemporary computing technology and communication technology.

「Smart iPanel」indicates switchgear can self-analyze and auto adjust control functions. In practical, smart iPanel increases switchgear reliability and reduces labor force. It brings a great benefit to clients.

iPanel Architecture

App & Web Service

iPanel supports most of the current common terminal platforms including IOS, Android and Webservice. Users can easily access the system.

iCloud - AI Technology based

The brain of the system is an intelligent platform capable of self-analysis and self-learning from users that helps to provide analysis and action instructions for the whole system.

Terminated Product

Includes hardware devices and sensors manufactured to the same modbus communication standards that help connect devices to an ecosystem

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Four outstanding features of iPanel Cloud Management System


Optimize energy consumption distribution on the basis of historical power parameter and distribute power stably to system


Increase switchgear safety and reliability, prevent damage while operation


Reduce or without labor force to monitor for switchgear in substation, greatly decreasing enterprise cost.


Efficient regular maintenance can be planed with the statistics and analysis data which decreases maintenance cost

iPanel Full Features Table

System Specification

Outstanding Functions

System Dashboard Overview – Switchgear operation health board

Substation and Switchgear management

Single line Diagram Board

More Functions

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