Senseor: Wireless Temperature Detecting Pakage

 Main functions

  • No power, no cables, no energy consumption, no maintenance
  • Improve the safety of mechanical and electrical maintenance personnel and assets
  • Passive (no battery, no energy consumption) temperature sensor
  • Hot spot temperature, ambient temperature / humidity, partial discharge monitoring
  • Multiple communication protocols: RS485 / Modbus RTU, RS232 / CAN
  • Temperature monitoring range: -25 ° C to 125 ° C (± 1 ° C)
  • Has there monitoring functions can be software
  • RF operating range 430 -450 MHz
  • Real-time online monitoring and data recording
  • Partial discharge detection function of high-voltage switchboard
  • Made in France, designated by ABB

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TSA EV01 01-> Busbar compartment -R- phase
TSA EV01 02-> Busbar compartment -S- phase
TSA EV01 03-> Busbar compartment -T- phase
TSA EV01 04-> Circuit breaker compartment -R- phase ( once Side )
TSA EV01 05-> Circuit breaker compartment -S phase ( primary side )
TSA EV01 06-> Circuit breaker compartment -T phase ( primary side)
TSA EV01 07-> Circuit breaker compartment -R phase ( secondary side) )
TSA EV01 08-> Circuit breaker compartment -S phase ( secondary side )
TSA EV01 09-> Circuit breaker compartment -T phase ( secondary side )
TSA EV01 10-> Cable compartment -R phase
TSA EV01 11-> Cable compartment -S phase
TSA EV01 12-> Cable compartment -T phase